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Sohail gears up to packing a punch
By Sameer Wadekar, Indo-Asian News Service

Mumbai, Jan 15 (IANS) Debutant director Abhishek Kapoor's "Aryan", which has Sohail Khan playing a boxer, is up for its theatrical release soon. 




Definitely not a fresh plot but a film tackling the brutal art is coming after a long time and if it clicks, it can well revive the genre in Bollywood and pave the way for its future clones. 

The movie shows the lead hero as an intuitive fighter much like last year's over-hyped action dud "James". 

Such strong roles with a lot of substance to it can catapult an actor to stardom provided it is written ingeniously and made inventively. 

Remember Sunny Deol in Raj Kumar Santoshi's "Ghayal" - he played a boxer, though it had nothing to do with the main plot but still he was portrayed as a boxer. With its taut screenplay and superb performance by Sunny Deol, the film was a huge hit and Sunny became every director's favourite. 

Sohail might be hoping "Aryan" would do a similar kind of miracle and uplift his acting career. He has the gesticulations to be an action star and fits the bill perfectly when it comes to rendering the bucolic form on-screen. 

Incidentally, he is also playing an action hero in his upcoming film "Fight Club" though not as a boxer; the film has him engaged in a lot of bashing and thrashing around. 

With those family dramas and candyfloss romantic frolics knocking a dent in recent times, Aryan can hit the bull's eye at box office. 

Action genre will not go out of fashion, be it Hollywood or Bollywood. Movie buffs love to see the action fare, clash of the gladiators on-screen, because it's 'paisa vasool' for the public.

Only that the films must be able to pack a punch at the box office, and not just pack it but pack it real hard.



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