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Gaja and Galipata dominated Kannada Charts

'Gaja' is biggest draw at Kannada box office
By R.G. Vijayasarathy

Bangalore, Jan 24 "Gaja", the remake of a Telugu hit of the same title, is the current box-office champion among Kannada films.

The top five Kannada films are:

1. "Gaja" - The film re-establishes Darshan as the top action hero of Kannada cinema. Its collections have crossed the Rs.10-million mark in Bangalore.

2. "Milana" - Director Prakash's silver jubilee film, starring Puneet Raj Kumar, has become a big winner because of its strong emotional content. The film is going strong even after completing 100 days in several A-centres. Family audiences are supporting the film.

3. "Galipata" - It has enjoyed a huge opening and has all the potential to become a big blockbuster. "Galipata" stars Golden Star Ganesh who has become quite popular among female audiences.

4. "Ee Bandana" - The film is gaining momentum week after week though its Bangalore collections are a cause for concern for the producer. The best collections of this Vishnuvardhan starrer, directed by debutant Vijayalakshmi Singh, have been reported from the Mysore, Tumkur and northern Karnataka. Family audiences are backing this film in large numbers.

5. "Aa Dinagalu" - The film will be completing 100 days in Bangalore soon. It is also doing well in the interior areas. The film's songs are its main attraction.

Mano, Hari call the tune in Kannada music market
By R.G. Vijayasarathy

Bangalore, Jan 24 It has been yet another Mano Murthy fortnight, but Hari Krishna's album for "Galipata" tops the charts at the moment. The top five Kannada albums are:

1. "Galipata" - The album tops because of the huge hype about the film starring golden star Ganesh. "Minchaagi neenu baralu" rendered by Sonu Nigam and "Thadeem Dheem Thana" sung by Chitra are the top songs. Youngsters appreciate the title song for its peppy music.

2. "Milana" - It stays a chartbuster with its melodious songs like "Ninnindhale ninnindhale" and "Male Ninthu Hodha Mele". Mano Murthy has created magical tunes for the film featuring Puneet Raj Kumar.

3. "Gaja" - Composer Hari Krishna has always delivered top-class songs for Darshan films. According to Ashwini Audios, which has released the album, songs like "Maathu nannolu", "Aithalakidi" and "Lambooji lambooji" are the top songs.

4. "Cheluvina Chiththaara" - Mano Murthy says continued popularity of the film's songs is not surprising as they have a classical touch. "Ullasada hoo male", "Kanaso idhu" and "Iralaaare cheluve" are the top songs.

5. "Ee Bandana" - Melodious number "Adhe bhoomi, adhe haadu" is certainly the best song in the Vishnnuvardhan starrer. Mano Murthy is the music director.






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