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After 'Chhatrapathi', Prabhas ready for new roles
By B. Anuradha, From Indo-Asian News Service

Hyderabad, Nov 3 (IANS) Action man Prabhas, who is back in the reckoning with roaring hit "Chhatrapathi", is ready for new roles. 

Despite being hailed as a mass hero, he intends to try varied roles besides regular potboilers.

With his next project "Pournami" in the safe hands of Midas-touch filmmaker M.S. Raju, the actor is on the roll again.

After the fairly successful "Varsham", disasters like "Aadavi Ramudu" and "Chakram" severely dented his stardom. Then came the blockbuster "Chhatrapathi" from director Rajamouli. Prabhas flexed his muscles in this macho film and proved himself as an action star yet again. 

Q: Did you anticipate that "Chhatrapathi" would do well?

A: Yes. We had a solid script on hand and, under the able direction of Rajamouli, we knew we had a winner on hand. But it was still a pleasant surprise when it received overwhelming response all over to join the list of record-breaking hits. 

Q: Despite a few lapses in the script, as when you leave people in the lurch to save your mother? 

A: With the protagonist having two goals, to re-unite with his mother and break the bondage of his slavery, I think the narration was perfect. The audiences have given their verdict in our favour. Even if you claim to be a messiah, will you not leave everybody and rush to save your mother if she is in danger?

Q: In "Chhatrapathi", your dancing has improved, but you faltered while rendering emotional dialogues.

A: We did enough dance rehearsals and it showed in the film as I received good appreciation. I think I have delivered dialogues adequately, but if you think it's not enough, I will try to improve in my next film since acting is always a trial-and error task, with scope for improvisation. 

Q: After Rajamouli, your next venture "Pournami" is with another young director Prabhu Deva. Will you stay away from veteran directors? 

A: Not at all! Since I don't have any set rules, I would work with both seniors and youngsters if they come up with exciting scripts. However, it was just great working with Rajamouli. I am enjoying my work with Prabu Deva. Except claiming "Pournami" as a universal film, it is too early to discuss it. 

I am studying a few scripts. I am yet to finalise projects including writer Chinni Krishna's "Badrinarayana". 

Q: After failures like "Chakram", will you shy away from experimenting?

A: No way. I dislike being typecast and I would keep exploring varied roles. If not for Krishna Vamsi, I wouldn't have done an offbeat film like "Chakram" and it was a great experience altogether. It did well in select pockets. With no standard formula for success, I need to explore interesting scripts and leave the rest to destiny.



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